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Patient Stories

As a national leader in rehabilitative care, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network helps patients find their strength every day. But it's the words and experiences of our patients that best describe what our services can really do.

Our patient stories provide a look inside the outstanding rehabilitative services available through our network of world-class providers. We invite you to read these compelling and unforgettable stories - and learn how our rehabilitative care has changed people's lives.

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  • Patient Story

    Meet Rian | A Spaulding Story of Strength

    Rian was a healthy, thriving 18-month old toddler when a presumed ear infection left her unresponsive.  After several weeks in acute hospitals, she was diagnosed with acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE), a rare disease that caused swelling in her brain, leaving her unable to walk, or even lift her head.  When Rian and her family arrived at Spaulding in August of 2019, her mom, Margaret, knew Spaulding had a good reputation and she had a lot of trust. They loved being in such a beautiful setting on the water, but they knew it was going to be a long journey ahead.  On her first day of physical therapy, Victoria, her PT set the goal for Rian to move her hand and foot.  She was left unable to lift her head.  By the end of her stay, Rian was sitting, crawling, walking with assistance, and her favorite - crawling through a tunnel! As Rian’s recovery continued, she became a fixture on Spaulding’s pediatric floor, her mom calling Rian “the Mayor”.  Rian would smile and yell when she saw her favorite staff and therapists and had the support of everyone around her.  Her mom said the whole family felt the support of everyone around them.  Her advice to

  • Patient Story

    Vernon: Encontrando fuerza en el Spaulding

    En el 1ro de enero de 2020, el músico Vernon West fue ingresado en el hospital. No volvería a casa durante ocho meses. Después de una batalla de cuatro años contra la leucemia, Vernon había desarrollado una masa cerebral que le hizo perder la sensibilidad en el brazo y la pierna derechos. Pasó gran parte de 2020 en centros de cuidados intensivos y rehabilitación, una caminada aún más complicada por la crisis del COVID-19. Vernon dijo que recuperó su fuerza en Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, gracias a la habilidad y la compasión de su dedicado equipo. "Su devoción y amor, y su firme creencia en mí, fue una parte integral de mi experiencia de rehabilitación", dice Vernon. "Eso tiene un efecto incluso más allá de sus habilidades y ellos tienen mucha habilidad!" En Spaulding, ayudamos a nuestros pacientes y familias a encontrar su fuerza física, y también su fuerza emocional y su confianza. Es una faceta importante de la rehabilitación y la recuperación, especialmente a la luz de la pandemia actual. Y el apoyo de los donantes ayuda a alimentar esa fuerza. Este año, las donaciones desmedidas a Spaulding han financiado ayudas de asistencia a los empleados más necesitados, han ayudado a

  • Patient Story

    We Are Stronger Together - Spaulding Rehab

    From across the globe to right next door, when people are in need we are there. At the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, we work with people every day to help them find their strength. And often, our mission can take us to unexpected places. It could mean our skilled clinicians are asked to help with international disasters such as the Haiti earthquake or bring a group of Libyan war wounded to our hospital. When also answer the call when tragedy strikes closer to home. Events like when the unthinkable happened in our own city and 32 survivors injured during the Boston Marathon bombing needed our care. As caregivers, advocates and educators, throughout the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, our goal is to do whatever we can to help people get better. Sometimes the world is watching. Sometimes they are private, personal victories. But always, someone's life is changed for the better. Whatever triumphs, setbacks and challenges await, our dedicated team will be there to help however we can. Helping people find their strength is more than a tagline and it's more than what we do. It's who we

  • Patient Story

    Meredith's Story - Paralysis - Spaulding Rehab

    On May 30, 2015, Meredith awoke from a haze of anesthesia to a new reality. She had undergone eight hours of extensive surgery during which several titanium rods, screws and a steel cage were implanted in her body to realign her spine. It was her 25th birthday. 24 hours earlier, Meredith was an active, independent woman who ran half-marathons, danced in a ballet company and volunteered as an EMT on a rescue squad in Vermont. She was helping friends move into a new apartment when a piano accidentally fell directly on top of her, paralyzing her from the waist down. Finding herself in an unfamiliar role - needing to be rescued, she managed to maintain her composure and figure out what she needed to do to get safely to the hospital. After spending a week in the surgical intensive care and inpatient units of the acute care hospital, Meredith was stable enough to be admitted to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to begin her journey of recovery. When Meredith first came to Spaulding, she was almost completely dependent on others. She couldn't roll over in bed, sit up, get dressed, stand or shower unassisted. She had minimal feeling in her legs. Meredith worked with many

  • Patient Story

    Tedy Bruschi's Stroke Story - Spaulding Rehab

    "I was there for Spaulding long before I knew I'd ever need them myself," Tedy says of his rehabilitation at Spaulding. "They are real champions. They made me whole again and got me back to the field." Long before he was ever a patient, Tedy Bruschi had visited patients at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, hailed their remarkable recoveries and signed autographs. But February 15, 2005, was different. Having just won his third Super Bowl and competed in his first Pro Bowl, Tedy Bruschi, the New England Patriots linebacker, developed a blood clot that caused him to suffer a mild stroke. His wife called 911, and Tedy was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital. The team at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital also sprang into action, working with trainers from the Patriots on Tedy's rehabilitation plan. In collaboration with the Patriots' staff, the Spaulding team developed a physical therapy plan for Tedy that required hard work, perseverance and total commitment from Tedy, his doctors and his therapists. His rehabilitation inspired fans who longed for Tedy's return to the defensive squad. But more importantly, it inspired thousands of stroke survivors and rehab patients who facing similar obstacles. Tedy went on to have one of his best seasons ever following

  • Patient Story

    Meet Robert Lewis, Jr. | A Spaulding Story of Strength

    COVID-19 survivor and Spaulding patient Robert Lewis, Jr. shares his journey: from diagnosis with the novel coronavirus through his rehabilitation at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge—and what it means to him to be back at work at the community outreach organization he founded in Boston. My COVID-19 Recovery—As Told by Robert Lewis, Jr. I’m not sure how I expected to feel when I turned 60 years old last spring, but I didn’t anticipate a trip to the emergency department. I certainly didn’t expect to be sedated, intubated, and wake up 12 days later. But on March 22—my 60th birthday— that’s what happened. It was the beginning of my COVID-19 journey. It was an intense and frightening time. When I was moved to Spaulding Hospital Cambridge for rehabilitation after three weeks of acute care, I had to relearn…everything: how to breathe without an oxygen tank; how to walk; how to touch my nose and tie my sneakers. I had to get my strength back. What struck me about Spaulding was the incredible treatment that I—and my family—received from everyone there, from the moment I arrived until I walked out just one week later. There’s a culture of love and compassion and excellence that radiates from every person. Trust

  • Patient Story

    Meet Martha and the “Spaulding Sisters”

    The self-titled “Spaulding Sisters” made the most of 2020. The group of women met at Spaulding Boston over the past several years, bonding over their shared love of aquatic therapy. When the COVID-19 pandemic closed our community water fitness classes, the Sisters came together to support each other and their health in a whole new way. The ladies are avid participants in the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Program’s virtual classes (launched in response to the pandemic), “meeting” several times a week to exercise virtually together from the safety of their homes. They are among the more than 1,000 participants who have benefitted from virtual classes like yoga, boxing, exercise for stroke and TBI, dance with Parkinson’s, and more. In 2020, donations were used to pivot Spaulding adaptive sports programming to be entirely virtual—supporting the health and wellness of an even broader community, when so many were isolated and unable to participate in their regular fitness and community activities. Martha Starr, “Spaulding Sister,” patient, and volunteer, says the virtual programs have been a true lifesaver in 2020. And so have the Sisters’ weekly Friday Zoom calls to check in on one another. They share resources and coping strategies, discuss their conditions, and laugh together. Martha

  • Patient Story

    Conozca a Matt: Un viaje de sanación y esperanza para el futuro

    Read this story in English. Primavera 2022 Gracias a Spaulding, pacientes como Matt Fitzgerald tienen una segunda oportunidad en la vida. En el Día de los Padres de 2019, Matt conducía para visitar a su familia en Rhode Island y experimentó un terrible accidente automovilístico. Lanzado fuera de su vehículo, Matt sufrió lesiones graves, incluyendo ruptura en la columna. Estaba paralizado de la cintura para abajo y le dijeron que podía morir por complicaciones significativas de una herida quirúrgica masiva. Matt estaba decidido a vivir. Se transfirió al Hospital General de Massachusetts (Massachusetts General Hospital) para recibir atención aguda continua, luego vino al Hospital Spaulding de Cambridge para comenzar su largo viaje de recuperación. Matt pasó más de dos años sanándose en Spaulding Cambridge y Spaulding Brighton. “Hice amigos y familia para toda la vida en Spaulding”, dijo Matt. Las conexiones ayudaron en su proceso de curación, que fue extenso. Las cirugías que extrajeron el tejido necrosado de su cuerpo lo dejaron con una herida que necesitó atención continua hospitalizado para sanar. Al mismo tiempo, Matt necesitaba terapia física y ocupacional para tratar su lesión en la médula espinal. Fue un proceso equilibrado lento y delicado, complicado aún más por la pandemia de COVID-19. Con el tiempo, la

  • Patient Story

    Meet Lili

    Para leer esta historia en español, visite nuestra página en el Internet. Who gives you the strength to achieve your goals? Lili Davis, nurse manager of the first floor unit at Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, takes great pride in helping her team and their patients achieve their goals. “Seeing the transformation that our patients go through here, seeing them be able to walk again or even just smile again, that gives me strength,” says Lili. We’ve all needed to draw upon strength this past year, including Lili. She helped establish Spaulding Brighton’s dedicated COVID area on her unit—inspiring her nursing staff to volunteer for shifts in the area, even when unknowns about the virus were causing fear and uncertainty. Lili was proud of her team’s efforts and how they came together to do this important work, all with a commitment to safety, dignity, and innovative care delivery. And then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly, Lili had a new challenge—how to inspire and lead a nursing staff treating the most vulnerable population during a pandemic, while undergoing cancer treatment herself. With strength and determination, supportive leaders, and a temporary remote work arrangement, Lili and her team kept up their high performance. Lili

  • Patient Story

    Meet Joe | A Spaulding Story of Strength

    As an aviator for the US Coast Guard, Joe Moncalieri, 32, the father of two young children, was doing what he loved most in the spring of 2016: riding his motorcycle along the rural roads straddling North Carolina’s strawberry fields. The driver of a passing car swiftly altered the trajectory of Joe’s ride with an un-signaled U-turn. Catapulted 30 feet into the air, Joe dropped to the ground—his sternum shattered, spleen ruptured, bowels torn, and all of his ribs and two vertebrae in his spine broken.  Following emergency surgery and eight weeks in a regional hospital's ICU, the Coast Guard gave Joe’s wife, a nurse, her choice of facility for Joe’s rehabilitation anywhere in the US. Well aware of Spaulding’s world-class reputation, she made her decision instantly.  “Spaulding is where I learned to start my life in a wheelchair,” Joe says. “It’s also where I came to understand that my life did not need to be limited by my wheelchair.”  Following Joe’s inpatient treatment, he participated in a in research study on the FES rowing machine in Spaulding’s ExPD program. As a lifelong exerciser, Joe was thrilled to be able, again, to work out hard enough to elevate and sustain a vigorous, aerobic