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Spaulding Research Institute

As a world-recognized leader in research and innovative physical medicine and rehabilitation, we believe you deserve methods in rehabilitative care not available anywhere else. That’s what motivates us to be the best. We’re not just researchers in labs, we’re clinicians and therapists who work directly with patients. We understand your needs and carry that knowledge with us as we forge new discoveries.

Combining research and patient care is what sets us apart. This connection shortens the time between discovery of a new technique, therapy or medicine and the moment we can put that discovery into action to help you. In fact, we are currently working on over 100 different research studies.

As the principal teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, new ideas and a passion for discovery are part of our makeup. This academic affiliation combined with our resources enables us to maintain a vigorous research agenda and operate ongoing clinical trials.

  • 1400%
    Growth in Research Funding over Past 8 years
  • > 300
    Peer Reviewed Publications
  • 3
    Model Systems Centers
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“Research is a priority at Spaulding and Harvard Medical School, and the PM&R faculty members are committed to investigating the best treatments to improve people’s ability to function throughout their lives.”
- Dr. Ross Zafonte, Chair, Harvard Medical School Department of PM&R, Senior VP of Medical Affairs, Research and Education at Spaulding

Spaulding Innovation

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We want to identify and reward startups, researchers and teams creating solutions and technologies aimed at improving functional ability and quality of life for those with physical impairments or disabilities.