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  • News Article
    April 2,  2021

    Importance of Dynamic Warmup in Golf

    A warmup should not start with your wedge on the range or even swinging a couple of clubs together before you drive off the first Tee box. A warmup starts with your body.

  • Press Release
    March 31,  2021

    New Study Examines Outcomes of Rehab Inpatients with Severe COVID-19 Infections

    The retros study examined patients admitted during the first surge of COVID-19 during the Spring 2020.  The study found that patients admitted to inpatient rehabilitation after hospitalization with COVID-19 demonstrated deficits in mobility, cognition, speech and swallowing at admission and improved significantly in all of these domains by discharge.

  • Press Release
    March 24,  2021

    Mass General Brigham Names Zafonte Interim President of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

    Mass General Brigham announced that Ross Zafonte, DO has been named Interim President of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network.

  • News Article
    March 9,  2021

    Why should I warm up before running?

  • Press Release
    February 19,  2021

    New study highlights lack of diversity and inclusion in vaccine clinical trials

     A team of scientific experts from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico are advocating for increased diversity in vaccine trials after publishing a new report that highlights a decade’s worth of disparities.

  • News Article
    February 11,  2021

    The Benefits of Getting Down

    The development of a child’s motor skills requires many fundamental developments to occur. One critical building block is head and trunk control, or what therapists refer to as postural control.  Postural control allows a child to sit in a high chair as well as step forward to kick a ball.

  • Press Release
    February 9,  2021

    New Study Examines Long Term Health Impacts of Concussion

    While chronic neurological effects from concussion have been widely studied, little is known about possible links between concussion and long-term medical and behavioral comorbidities. A new retrospective analysis titled “Concussion and Risk of Chronic Medical and Behavioral Health Comorbidities” in Journal of NeuroTrauma examined the issue.

  • News Article
    February 2,  2021

    Don’t Throw Your Arm Out

    The Spaulding North Shore Sports Medicine Team want to give you the tools to reduce your risk of injury while playing your Spring sport. Most of the shoulder and elbow injuries that overhead athletes suffer are classified as overuse injuries. These types of injuries are highly preventable with proper training methods.

  • News Article
    February 1,  2021

    The Other Side of the Screen

    As therapists, we were thrown into a world of virtual therapy many of us hadn’t even dabbled in before.  But there we were.  Fumbling through, trying to find a way to help our patients without access to our usual tools; without the benefit of physical proximity; without any control over the treatment environment which was now our patients’ kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and back yards. 

  • News Article
    February 1,  2021

    Back School for Caregivers

    Parents perform frequent heavy lifting throughout their day.  Activities such as lifting a child and equipment can easily strain our backs.