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Spaulding Rehabilitation News

For media inquiries, please contact Tim Sullivan, Director of Communications at or 617-952-5325.

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  • News Article
    May 27,  2020

    Check-up on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

  • Press Release
    April 23,  2020

    Inappropriate Diagnoses

    A small but concerning number of former NFL players report receiving clinical diagnoses of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), according to new research. However, a definitive diagnosis of the neurodegenerative brain disease, thought to be caused by repeated blows to the head, can be done only on autopsy and cannot be made based on clinical exam or brain imaging.

  • Press Release
    March 25,  2020

    New Study from Spaulding Motion Analysis Lab Uses Robots to Attempt to Uncover the Connections Between the Human Mind and Gait Controls

    The Motion Analysis Laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in conjunction with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has published a study entitled “Robot-Driven Locomotor Perturbations Reveal Synergy-Mediated, Context-Dependent Feedforward and Feedback Mechanisms of Adaptation” in the newest issue of Scientific Reports. Researchers used a robot to investigate the roles of feedforward mechanisms controlled by the cerebellum and feedback mechanisms controlled at the spinal level in determining how the nervous system responds to robot-induced changes in step length.

  • News Article
    February 6,  2020

    Toe Walking | What You Need to Know

    Idiopathic toe walking is a type of walking pattern that occurs when children walk on their tip-toes instead of using the more “typical” heel first pattern.

  • Press Release
    February 5,  2020

    New Evidence that mHealth Technology Will Provide Better Data for Parkinson's Patients

    A new article from a large industry and academia collaboration including Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Boston University School of Medicine, Pfizer inc., Tufts Medical Center and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has been published in Nature Partners Journal (npj) Digital Medicine that examines using novel technologies to solve this problem.

  • News Article
    January 29,  2020

    Ways to Promote Language Development During the Winter Months

    Winter is a great time to work on promoting language development in a less structured, yet functional way. Despite the cold weather and short days, there are so many ways to target language goals during fun, winter activities without your child even realizing they are working on building their language skills. Here are a few winter activities, indoor and outdoor, to work on promoting language development during the winter months.

  • News Article
    January 29,  2020

    Feeling Tongue Tied: Informed Decision-Making Regarding Tongue Ties and Associated Surgeries

    Decisions regarding a tongue tie release should not be “a one size fits all” approach. These decisions should be based on the consultation of many medical professionals including dentists, ENTs, speech language pathologists, and pediatricians to name a few.

  • News Article
    January 29,  2020

    Sensory Bins: What You Need to Know

    Sensory bins are hands-on tactile experiences for kids, playing with a variety of mediums in controlled containers. They are easy and inexpensive to create and a great way for children to develop a variety of skills such as fine motor skills, motor planning, visual motor skills, tactile exposure, play skills, socials skills and language.

  • Press Release
    January 23,  2020

    Spaulding Receives Landmark $2.5M Gift to Name Directorship in Musculoskeletal Recovery

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Network has received a landmark $2.5 million gift from Atlantic Charter Insurance Company and its President Linda J. Sallop and Executive Vice President Mitch I. Weisman to name and endow the directorship of Spaulding’s Discovery Center for Musculoskeletal Recovery. 

  • Press Release
    January 22,  2020

    Spaulding Celebrates Opening of New JobLab Training Center at Cambridge Location

     After several years in development and building partnerships to support the goals, a group of government, business and non-profit leaders gathered to celebrate the official opening of the JobLab training space at Spaulding Cambridge.