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Leadership and Board of Trustees

The goal of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network leadership is to continually improve the quality of care and the quality of life for people in Eastern Massachusetts and well beyond – reaching and healing people in need across the region, country and across the globe.

Spaulding Network Leadership

  • photo of Ross Zafonte

    Ross Zafonte, DO

    Interim President, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network
    Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, Research and Education

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  • Photo of Russ Averna

    Russ Averna

    Vice President of Human Resources, Partners Continuing Care

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  • photo of Monica Baggio Tormey

    Monica Baggio Tormey

    Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

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  • photo of Maureen Banks

    Maureen Banks

    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Nursing Officer

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  • photo of Debra Blyth-Wilk

    Debra Blyth-Wilk

    Vice President Quality and Safety

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  • photo of Lara Hauslaib

    Lara Hauslaib

    Vice President of Medical Administration

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  • photo of Rebecca Kaiser

    Rebecca Kaiser

    Chief of Staff

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  • photo of Bob McCall

    Bob McCall

    Senior Vice President of Network Development and Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

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  • photo of Oz Mondejar

    Oswald (Oz) Mondejar

    Senior Vice President of Mission and Advocacy, Partners Continuing Care

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  • photo of Steven Patrick

    Steven Patrick

    Chief Development Officer

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  • photo of Rob Welch

    Rob Welch

    Vice President of Outpatient Services

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Spaulding Network Board of Trustees

Our network is guided by the Board of Trustees for Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Partners Continuing Care. These individuals serve on a volunteer basis to oversee our quality of care and help guide the direction of our health services.

Scott A. Schoen (chair)
Phillip L. Clay
David Fischer
Judith Fong
Daniel G. Jones
Wendell J. Knox
Ben Levitan
Ann Merrifield
Barry Mills
Michael J. Muehe
Richard A. Penn
Joseph Ryan
Joan A. Sapir
David Silbersweig, MD
Aneesh Bhim Singhal, MD
Paula Ness Speers
Benaree Pratt Wiley
Gwill York
Ross D. Zafonte, DO

Honorary Trustees

Tedy L. Bruschi
Stanley J. Lukowski
Mrs. Karl Riemer
Josiah A. Spaulding, Jr.
John V. Woodard, Esq.

Young Professional Representatives

Adam Bendtsen
Marc Cullen