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Nursing at Spaulding Rehabilitation

Nursing Excellence in Rehabilitation

Spaulding Rehabilitation is a global leader in advanced rehabilitation treatment and research. With three inpatient hospitals, a skilled nursing facility, and 25 outpatient therapy centers across Massachusetts, our team delivers innovative solutions to ensure our patients achieve the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to deliver exceptional clinical care, foster health professions education, and drive forward research in rehabilitation medicine.


Spaulding Rehabilitation nurses provide expert, compassionate care by empowering our patients, families and communities through our commitment to strength in nursing and patient advocacy, evidence-based rehabilitation and nursing excellence.


Spaulding Rehabilitation nurses will be globally recognized leaders through clinical practice, innovation, research, education and advocacy.

Professional Governance and Practice Models

Building on Spaulding Rehabilitation’s legacy of excellence in rehabilitation treatment and research, our Professional Governance and Practice Models are designed to ensure the highest standards of care and innovation for our patients, with our nurses playing a central role in these models.

Professional Governance Model

Spaulding Rehabilitation’s Professional Governance Model is founded on the principle of "finding strength, giving back lives, one day better each day." This model, rooted in advocacy, academics, research, and clinical practice, prioritizes patient independence through human-centered principles, fostering innovation for value-based health care.

Professional Practice Model

Our commitment is to advocate for patients, families, colleagues, and the community. We aim to excel as a top academic center for physical medicine and rehabilitative care, improving collaboration among health care professionals from different disciplines with nursing as a driving force. Our goal is to be a global leader in researching and innovating rehabilitation techniques while providing compassionate care through empowerment and evidence-based practice.

About Our Skilled Rehabilitation Nurses

Rehabilitation nurses are skilled professionals uniquely equipped to care for patients with acute or chronic illnesses and disabilities. They specialize in developing patient-centered interventions, supporting recovery, and facilitating smooth transitions for excellent outcomes and cost-effective care.

At Spaulding Rehabilitation, our rehabilitation nurses empower patients and families through nursing strength and excellence, patient advocacy, and evidence-based rehabilitation. They play a vital role in helping patients regain independence.

As patients face increasingly complex medical conditions, rehabilitation nursing as a profession provides ongoing opportunities for learning and professional growth. Our nurses use their diverse nursing skills to manage complicated medical issues and create tailored care plans that help patients heal.

About the Magnet Designation

Magnet logoMagnet designation, awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, represents the highest recognition for nursing excellence at health care organizations.

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