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Provider Ratings Process

Patient ratings of Spaulding providers

Our online providers listing includes ambulatory patient ratings and comments about our patients' experiences.

About our rating process

We electronically survey most all patients who have had an ambulatory visit within the Mass General Brigham system through our survey vendor, NRC Health. Patients receive a survey via email or phone call after their visit with a provider. The patient comments posted online come from the part of the survey that asks patients about their experience of care with that provider. Comments on provider profiles reflect experiences at any one of the locations within the Mass General Brigham system. 

Patient comments may refer to experiences outside of the direct interaction between the patient and the provider. Examples include interactions with administrative and other staff, wait times, scheduling, or the environment of care. These comments are posted online to reflect the entire experience.

We screen patient comments for the criteria listed below and remove references to personal information. We do not otherwise verify or edit the comments for content. The patient comments posted online should be interpreted accordingly.

A patient comment will NOT be posted if the comment has:

  • Offensive language: profanity, discriminatory language, personal attacks or threats.
  • Protected health information (PHI), that is, personal information about a patient.
  • Comments unrelated to the patient experience

Comments will not be posted unless clearly related to the care provided or other relevant aspects of the patient’s overall experience at the encounter.

Before patient ratings are posted, a provider must have:

  • Ratings from at least 30 patients in the previous 12 months

Before patient comments are posted, a provider must have:

  • At least 5 comments from patients in the last 12 months

A provider may have no ratings available for the following reasons: 

  • The provider does not have enough returned patient experience surveys (at least 30 survey responses in the prior 12 months).
  • The provider does not see patients in the ambulatory setting.

A provider may have no comments available for the following reasons:

  • The provider has not met the minimum number of 5 comments
  • The provider has not met the minimum number of 30 ratings
  • The provider does not see patients in the ambulatory setting

We appreciate all of the feedback that we receive through our survey process. Patient comments help us to improve so that we may provide the best possible care experiences.