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Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Renewed hope. Improved function. Greater independence. We help you find the strength to achieve them.


The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program of the Spaulding Network provides an unsurpassed level of care for people who have had open heart surgery, a heart attack (myocardial infarction), or other cardiac event. We’ll be there by your side providing you and your family support as you rebuild the strength you need to return to your home, your community and the life you love. At Spaulding, we never give up on our patients so they never give up on themselves. 

Spaulding’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs include:

  • Dedicated clinical cardiac team
  • Close medical supervision and medication management to manage cardiac function as daily activities and exercise increase
  • Specialty services, including heart monitoring (telemetry), respiratory therapy, cardiology consultation, etc. as needed
  • Individualized treatment plan to maximize gains in function
  • Coordinated physical and occupational therapies; progressive exercise program
  • Comprehensive educational program for patients and their families on lifestyle changes, including exercise, diet and stress management. 
  • Supportive resources to help patients deal with the emotional issues associated with heart disease and lifestyle change
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Dedicated care coordinator to arrange home care if needed and to facilitate ongoing treatments, outpatient therapy or services with community resources
  • Therapeutic recreation services, including relaxation techniques, smoking cessation, preparation for leisure activities 


Advanced Cardiac Care to Meet our Patients' Needs


The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network offers patients a comprehensive approach to recovery focused on return to an active, productive life.  Our physicians, nurses and therapists work together to help each patient reach his or her maximum level of function and independence. No matter how complex or challenging the situation, Spaulding delivers the highest quality cardiac care. 



The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is based at the following Spaulding locations. 

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod
Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge

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Inpatient: 1.617.952.5350

Outpatient: 1.888.SRN.4330

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Interactive Location Map