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Physician walking with patient at Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton

Let's discover the new, better you, together

Learn about the staff and advanced rehabilitation at Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton
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Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton

Ready to help you rebuild and become your best self. At Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, our collaborative, supportive team shares a commitment to maximizing independence and quality of life for you, our patients. Through our affiliation with the Spaulding Network, we built a reputation for superior outcomes and patients often achieving more than thought possible.

We know this is not anyone’s journey. It’s yours. That’s why our clinicians work closely with you, your loved ones and your referring physician to craft a treatment plan just for you. Our goal is to get you back to the most independent living environment as quickly as possible and our dedicated staff take a team approach to help you reach your recovery goal successfully through an outcome-orientated approach to care. Add to that, the strength of the Spaulding Network, and we’ve created a formula that will help pave your road to recovery.

Levels of Care

  • Skilled Nursing

Center Hours

Open 24 hours

  • 5 Stars
    We currently have the highest rating, 5 stars, the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awards.
  • Top 10%
    Nursing department staffing is in the top 10% of the nation
  • US News
    Recognized by US News and World Report as a top Skilled Nursing Facility in the nation.

Need help selecting the right Level of Care for you?

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 Current Location:Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center BrightonSpaulding Outpatient Center BrightonSpaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge
Level of Careskilled-nursingoutpatientlong-term-acute
Overnight Stay RequiredYesNoYes
Level of Therapy Intensity1-2 hrs per day, 1 day per week, min.1-2 hrs per day, 1 day per week, min.1-3 hours per day
More Information linkView this facilityView this facility

See which care approach best suits you and your needs. Any questions? Call us.