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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services at Spaulding Cape Cod (SCC)

If you’ve lost physical function due to illness, injury or surgery, our physicians are committed to improving your recovery and quality of life through rehabilitative therapy.

Across our locations, we have Physiatrists on staff — physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) — who diagnose and provide non-surgical treatments for disease and injuries of the bones, muscles and nervous system. They will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to tailor a treatment to meet your specific needs.

Spaulding's Approach to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services

Our team specializes in treating a wide range of conditions, from stroke and brain injury to cancer, lung disease, sports and work-related injuries, as well as pain resulting from trauma, illness or surgery.

We offer outpatient assessment and treatment, including services such as electrodiagnostic testing (EDT), disability evaluations, medical acupuncture, osteopathic medicine and more.