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Giving Societies at Spaulding Rehabilitation

The President’s Council

The President’s Council represents a distinguished group of individuals, families, and institutions whose yearly cumulative giving of $20,000 or more shapes and sustains the life-changing mission of Spaulding. These dedicated supporters are advancing our many vital programs, including our Campaign for Spaulding Research Institute, Strength After COVID efforts, innovative patient and family programming, and flexible Annual Fund.

To learn more about the details and benefits of membership, please review our full President’s Council brochure.

Francis “Hooks” Burr Society

The Francis “Hooks” Burr Society recognizes individuals and families who have invested in the future of Spaulding through bequests and other planned gifts. These donors appreciate that this type of giving can maximize their charitable impact on the field of rehabilitation while also strengthening their own long-term financial goals.

These visionary donors are building a new tradition of philanthropy by:

To learn more about the details and benefits of membership, please review our Hooks Burr Society brochure.

Donna Zerwitz

“The extraordinary care that Spaulding provides is something I feel everyone should have the opportunity to experience if they need it. My planned gift helps bring this special brand of care to the patients of tomorrow.”

— Donna Zerwitz, Chair, Francis “Hooks” Burr Society

Strength Fund

No one knows better the power of giving back than our creative and compassionate clinicians, researchers, and staff.  The Strength Fund is Spaulding’s employee giving program, where individuals who work across Spaulding Rehabilitation can contribute on a one-time annual or recurring monthly basis to further bolster our collective efforts to improve patients’ lives.

Spaulding Professionals Council

Members of the Spaulding Professionals Council (SPC) are driven and passionate early-career professionals who are united in a common goal to promote and advance the mission of Spaulding through volunteering, peer-to-peer fundraising, special events, and community engagement. To join, all members are asked to make a one-time annual donation of at least $150, which goes to support Spaulding’s most urgent priorities.

Pillars of Strength

Individuals and families who support Spaulding’s mission with annual cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more are integral members of the Pillars of Strength society. These donors are core to Spaulding’s year-round programs and daily operations, steadfastly supporting the incredible care we’re known for — day after day, year after year.

Learn more about the details and benefits of membership in Pillars of Strength.

Terri Yahia, Willis Wang, and their son, Ethan Wang
“The Spaulding experience is not just about the physical spaces or the programs; it’s about the people and how they bring it all together. It’s about how they give you hope. It takes a lot of support and resources to keep this important work going. We do whatever we can for Spaulding — because it matters.”
Terri Yahia and Willis Wang, parents of Ethan, a Spaulding patient