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About the INSPIRE Lab

Welcome to the INSPIRE Lab for integrating sensorimotor rehabilitation and engineering technologies.

Our lab mission is to INSPIRE persons with neurologic injury to regain function through research, education, and compassion of the highest quality.

We combine engineering, motor control, and neurophysiology research to study cutting-edge technologies to restore independence in persons dealing with catastrophic injury to their nervous system. Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of engineers, physicians, physical therapists, neuroscientists, and physiologists. We use an interdisciplinary approach to study the nervous system after injury or disease.

About Randy Trumbower, PT, PhD

Dr. Trumbower is Director of the INSPIRE Laboratory. He has a MS in Physical Therapy from Duke University, MS, PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering from University of Connecticut, and postdoc training with Drs. Rymer and Perreault at RIC/Northwestern University. Randy is Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Adj Associate Professor at MGH-Institute for Health Professions.