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Parking & Directions

Welcome to the Spaulding Outpatient Center for Children Salem!

We are so pleased you have chosen to receive care at our new and improved center, conveniently located within Shetland Park in downtown Salem. Our address is:

35 Congress Street
Suite 211, Second floor
Salem, MA 01970

Parking instructions:

When you enter the Shetland Park main entrance from Congress Street, you will see a security booth. You may park in the lot just ahead and to the right of the booth, in front of the Salem Family Health Center/Eaton Apothecary. The line of spots adjacent to the fence along the back row of the lot is Spaulding-dedicated parking. There are also 4 reserved spaces at the front of the building (to the left of the security booth) and multiple handicapped spaces adjacent to the building. Please refer to the diagram below.

Overhead image of parking layout at Salem Childrens Outpatient

Directions to our suite:

You will enter at the front entrance of the 35 Congress Street building using either the ramp or stairs. This will take you to the lobby. You may either take the stairs or elevator up to the second floor. When you come off the elevator, walk down the hallway to your immediate left. If taking the stairs, the hallway will be to your right. Our suite is straight ahead- Suite 211.

Contact information:

Our telephone number is 978-825-8700 and our fax number is 978-740-4720. Please contact the Site Manager, Melissa Morse, with any questions or concerns. She can be reached at or 978-825-8566.