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All Inpatient Program Outcomes at Spaulding Cape Cod

Persons Served

Spaulding Cape Cod Rehabilitation Hospital collects and reports information on the results achieved by our inpatients. This allows our staff to compare the functional improvement of SCC patients to similar patients across the region and nation.

Graphic showing that SCC served 997 patients in 2021. The average age for SCC was 74, versus 71 for the region. The average length of stay was 15 days, versus 14 days for the region.

Patients Served by Diagnosis

SCC provides expert care for multiple Rehabilitation Impairment Categories.

Bar graph showing that 28.5% of patients at SCC were in the Stroke program, 23% were in the Orthopedic program, 16.3% were in miscellaneous programs, 9.4% were in Neurological programs, 8.5% were in Cardiac programs, 6.9% were in Brain injury programs, 5.3% were in Spinal Cord Injury programs, and 2.1% were in Amputee programs.

Functional Improvement Quality Measures

Multiple metrics are used to determine patient improvement throughout their inpatient stay. Patients are scored on their admission and again at discharge in the categories of Self-care and Mobility, which includes multiple skills and abilities as shown in the graphics below. The improvements are measured by the change in score for both and can be compared with similar rehabilitation facilities. Higher scores are better.

Bar chart showing that SCC patients' self-care scores improved by 13.3 points, compared to 12.9 points for the region.

Bar chart showing that SCC patients' mobility scores improved by 30.5 points, compared to 32.7 points for the region.

Source: Uniform Data Systems (UDS), Jan 1, 2021-Dec 31, 2021.

Therapy services are provided at a minimum of 15 hours per week (900 minutes over a rolling 7-day week from admission).
All patients receive 24-hour physician & rehab nursing care.

Patient Experience

At Spaulding Cape Cod satisfaction with your experience is a high priority. SCC seeks patient feedback to continually improve the patient experience. Patients are surveyed just after discharge and again at 90 days to find out how our patients are functioning after leaving SCC. Higher scores are better.

Pie chart showing that 91% of patients would highly recommend Spaulding Cape Cod to friends and family.


Bar chart: Overall satisfaction at 90 days: SCC 95.3%, national 91%.


Bar chart: The rehabilitation program improved my quality of life: 86.3% for SCC, 84.2% nationally.

Sources: MedTel Outcomes LLC (Jan 1, 2021-Dec 31, 2021); NRC Health (Jan 1, 2021-Dec 31, 2021).