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Special Initiatives

Some places call them extras; we call them essential. These are the special programs that build on the foundation of our extraordinary care to improve quality of life for our patients and families.

Your support of our special initiatives enables Spaulding to go above and beyond to enhance care and enrich lives.

Special Initiatives Needing Support

  • Supportive Surroundings

    Spaulding’s Supportive Surroundings program helps offset the added financial demands associated with weeks or months of inpatient rehabilitation for families already struggling with the aftermath of serious injury or illness. Your gifts to this program helps us provide coordinated assistance for nearby lodging as well as transportation, equipment and other specialized needs.

  • Adaptive Sports

    Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers provide cutting-edge, comprehensive services to children and adults of all abilities to advance opportunities for active, healthy lifestyles through participation in adaptive sports and recreation. Your gifts to these innovative Centers enable us to grow our program offerings and keep pace with advances in equipment and technology.

  • Nursing Excellence

    Spaulding’s Center for Nursing Excellence was established to help our nurses explore innovative ways to enhance their expertise and build their leadership. Your gifts to this meaningful center provide the resources for nurses to pursue higher degrees, participate in research projects, engage in advocacy efforts and be recognized for their excellence.

Giving with Impact

Gifts to Spaulding advance care and research to change lives

David and Carol Fischer

"Spaulding caregivers’ steadfast presence, expertise and reassuring demeanor are an integral part of every patient’s recovery."

— David Fischer

David Fischer, Spaulding patient and member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, and his wife, Carol O’Connor-Fischer, were deeply impressed with the nursing care that helped David recuperate from a life-changing biking accident. They chose to give back by making a generous gift to support nurses’ continuing professional development.

Imagine the Possibilities

An investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary — or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make new realities possible, starting now.

Our network reaches far and wide

Spaulding Rehabilitation is composed of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston, Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod, Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, and our affiliated outpatient centers.