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Disability Employee Inclusion Alliance Employee Resource Group

We aim to be the employer of choice for all employees with all apparent and non-apparent disabilities. 

The Disability Employee Inclusion Alliance Employee Resource Group (ERG) is open to employees of Mass General Brigham, including Spaulding Rehabilitation. People with disabilities and people without disabilities (allies) are welcome to get involved. 


We seek to: 

  • Elevate employees with disabilities in an inclusive manner 
  • Ensure a more vibrant future by showing those with apparent and non-apparent disabilities as assets to the community 
  • Build relationships 
  • Promote education 
  • Minimize bias 
  • Remove barriers to leadership and professional development opportunities 

Core Values: 

  • Inclusivity: We want to ensure everyone feels welcome and valued within our organization 
  • Intersectionality: We recognize the complex nature of identity across different groups 
  • Collaboration: We value each member’s contribution and ensure that everyone is involved in decision-making and planning 
  • Advocacy: We recognize our responsibility to advocate for improving opportunities for employees and patients with disabilities 
  • Transparency: We need open and honest communication to be transparent; someone must be willing to share information when it is uncomfortable to do so 
  • Integrity: We recognize this as the cornerstone of relationships, which promote a professional culture in which individuals can depend on one another and treat each other with respect 

Learn more about our Disability Employee Inclusion Alliance group (login required)