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Council on Disability Awareness

The Council on Disability Awareness (CDA) is an advocacy group composed of employees from throughout Partners HealthCare at Home and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, representing various professional backgrounds and working hand in hand with members of the disability community. The CDA is comprised of two groups, a working Task Force which meets monthly to review advocacy initiatives and plan educational opportunities, as well as an Advisory Group whom are consulted for expertise in a particular specialty area. The CDA is broadly focused on advocacy and access within the Spaulding community, to include patients, families, visitors and employees.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promoting patient/family and employee empowerment through education and advocacy
  • Ensuring accessibility of the PHH/SRN environment for all individuals with disabilities and their families
  • Enhancing disability awareness and engaging as a resource to the community

Examples of What We Do

  • To commemorate Disability Employment Awareness Month each October, the CDA brings together experts from the community, such as the Cambridge Council on People with Disabilities, to host panel discussions focused on assistive technology, work accommodations, and employer/employee training.
  • The CDA systematically considers any accessibility-related concerns of employees, patients and families on a case-by-case basis, striving to optimize our patient care environment.
  • The CDA hosts a regular Disability Advocacy Speakers Series, bringing together world-class speakers to share their expertise with the disability community throughout our region.
  • Mission Statement

    The PHH/SRN Council on Disability Awareness (CDA) promotes the empowerment and inclusion of individuals with disabilities and their community through access, advocacy, and educational initiatives.