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About Us

The Spaulding Neuromodulation Center is dedicated to the rigorous scientific exploration that aims to improve the physical and mental wellness. Led by Dr. Felipe Fregni, the Center aims to investigate diverse techniques of non-invasive brain stimulation, including the mechanisms of action and their use for rehabilitation and pain modulation. With an avant-garde conception for developing interventions that focus on modulating brain plasticity, our laboratory focuses on studying chronic neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions such as stroke and chronic pain. These conditions, and other comparable ones, have the trademark of having a type of compensation that is known as maladaptive plasticity, where the brain develops dysfunctional changes in its structure. By and large, our center explores the main techniques of neuromodulation - and its mechanisms - used to improve rehabilitation for a scope of conditions, such as those previously mentioned and others: low back pain, fibromyalgia, phantom limb pain, osteoarthritis and traumatic brain injury.


To promote scientific exploration of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques that will lead to new discoveries in the field and improvement in neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions through neurorehabilitation.


  • To develop and conduct trials focused on understanding clinical effects and underlying mechanisms of the neuromodulation by non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS);
  • To lead research in the neural effects of conditions related to chronic pain and motor recovery;
  • To promote active education and training for clinical researchers in neuromodulation research;
  • To inspire the next generation of researchers and scientists.


To be a recognized leader in the design, development and improvement of known and novel neuromodulation techniques that promote neurorehabilitation in the neurological and neuropsychiatric field with a collaborative view and exemplary education and training.