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Concussion Research Program

Welcome to the Concussion Research Program

The Concussion Research Program is the coordinating center for an international network of multidisciplinary researchers who combine resources and expertise to rapidly, efficiently, and effectively conduct studies on concussion. Researchers from Boston-based Spaulding Rehabilitation, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mass General for Children™, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School collaborate with those across the United States, Canada, and Australia in order to greatly accelerate the rate at which studies can be completed, information disseminated to the medical and scientific community, and the findings are translated into better clinical care.

Grant Iverson
Grant Iverson, PhD
Principal Investigator, Concussion Research Program
Learn more about Dr. Iverson and the Concussion Research Program

Sports Concussion Clinic

We provide clinical treatment at the Sports Concussion Clinic at Mass General for Children by caring for children, adolescents and college-aged adults who have sustained concussions while playing sports or other recreational activities.