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Open Studies

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The Effects of a Sub-Maximal Exercise Program on Adolescents who Sustained a Concussion

Exercise has recently been identified as a safe activity after a concussion. We are looking for 14 - 21 year old volunteers who have had a recent concussion to participate in an at-home exercise program.

Cerebrovascular Function as a Marker for Optimal Timing and Intensity of Exercise after Concussion

Emerging evidence points toward a positive impact of exercise on post-concussion symptom burden, and several aerobic exercise protocols have been proposed for active rehabilitation after a concussion. However, the optimal timing and intensity of exercise after a concussion is not clear. We are seeking 14 - 21 year old healthy individuals or individuals who have had a concussion within the past month to develop physiologic markers, based on brain vascular function, to guide the timing and intensity of exercise for optimal recovery.

Exercise Training to Mitigate Post-Stroke Cognitive Decline

There is a well-established relationship between regular physical exercise, vascular function in the brain, and age-related and post-stroke cognitive decline. We are seeking 45 to 75 years old males and females, who are healthy, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairments, or had a stroke, to determine the impact of a standardized 12-week progressive aerobic exercise training intervention on cognitive function in individuals with cognitive impairments and stroke survivors.