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Quality and Outcomes - Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Brain Injury Program

Patient Served

In 2019, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) Brain Injury Program served 446 inpatients. Of those patients, 38.3% were female, while 61.7% were male. The average age of our inpatients was 56.9 years. Our patients received around the clock specialty rehabilitation-focused physician and nursing care and a minimum of 15 hours of skilled therapy each week. On average, our patients remained inpatient at SRH for 19.4 days.  

Uniform Data Systems 2019

Patient Experience

Satisfaction with your experience at SRH is a high priority for us. We measured the quality of our programs by asking patients how satisfied they were with their overall care, how willing they were to recommend SRH to others, and how prepared they felt to function at home once discharged. SRH is proud to report that in 2019, over 96% of our patients rated us with excellent scores in all three measurements. SRH is committed to seeking ongoing feedback from our patient in order to continually improve our patient care.

Source: Press Ganey 2019; MedTel Outcomes 2019

Patient Outcomes

While we help patients find their strength during the inpatient hospitalization, we are also able to see that many of our patients continue to make progress even after discharge.  Our data collected shows continued progress with their mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living.  We also see that a very high percentage of patients remain in a community setting after discharge from Spaulding.

Source: Uniform Data Systems 2019, MedTel Outcomes 2019