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Spiritual Care at Spaulding Boston (SRH)

Spaulding Chaplains are dedicated to providing culturally-sensitive spiritual care to people of all faiths, traditions and beliefs. They serve as compassionate spiritual companions to you, your family and sometimes our staff. They collaborate with clinicians, therapists and you to further expand your healing process, making it more personal and reminding us all of what’s most important.

Having Chaplains on our staff allows us to focus on you as a whole person. They help us understand your needs and serve your emotional and spiritual well being as we help you rehabilitate your body. And they’re here to help you deal with the challenges of therapy and continuing medical care, especially when living with or recovering from an illness or a newly-diagnosed condition. Chaplains collaborate with other members of the clinical team in promoting an integrative healing process. Offering spiritual guidance is yet another way we’re committed to helping you return to your highest levels of functionality and independence.

Spaulding's Approach to Spiritual Care

Spaulding’s interfaith multi-cultural Pastoral Care team is comprised of Interfaith Chaplains representing Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

Bruce Aguilar, M.A., B.C.C. (board-certified chaplain)
Director, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network
Phone: (617) 758-5496

Staff Chaplains:

Pastor Karen Lubic, BCC, M.Div. (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays)
Staff Chaplain, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston
Phone: (617) 952-5168
Patient Referral Line: (617) 952-5170

Michael Kelleher, MA, B.C.C. (board-certified chaplain) (Thursdays, Fridays)
Staff Chaplain, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston
Phone: (617) 952-5169

Rev. Heather Lucas, M.Div. (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
Staff Chaplain, Spaulding Cambridge
Phone: (617) 758-5496

Janet Mooney,
Director of Admissions-Spiritual Care Coordinator, Spaulding Cape Cod
Phone: (508) 833-4194

Joan C. Horgan, Th.M., MDiv, D. Min., B.C.C.
Staff Chaplain, Spaulding Brighton
Phone: (617) 726-9715

Per Diem Chaplains:

Rabbi Elaine Pollack
Imam Ikram Haq
Mary C. MacGillivray, M.A.
Linda MacKay, M.A.
Anne Manning Finn, M. A., B.C.C.

Our Spiritual Care Team is supported by Spiritual Care Volunteers who are recruited from local faith communities, and the department director usually supervises a student from Harvard Divinity School for a year of field education at Spaulding Cambridge.