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Prosthetics and Orthotics at Spaulding Boston (SRH)

Our network is home to comprehensive adult and pediatric orthotics and prosthetics clinics ready to provide expert evaluations and fittings for the most cutting-edge, natural orthotics and prosthetics available today. We want you to feel inspired and empowered by the new you that comes with the right device.

We understand the impact of weakness, inability to move a body part, or a lost limb can have on you, your life and your livelihood. Our goal is to make you feel whole again.

Our approach

We custom-make all prosthetics and orthotics for your body and your individual needs. Our clinics include assessments and fittings for lower extremity and upper extremity bracing, as well as neck and back bracing. Our orthotic clinic service is available to you in our inpatient program and as an outpatient following discharge, with lifelong support to change with you as you grow and your needs evolve.

Our outpatient foot orthotics services are designed to help you improve the biomechanical alignment of your ankles, feet, legs, hips and spine. Using an proven approach, our clinicians offer customized foot orthotics to best meet your unique needs.

Services may include:

  • Video assessment of walking and/or running
  • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment
  • Casting of your foot in a biomechanical neutral position
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Education on injury prevention training