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Healthy Running Injury Prevention Program at Spaulding Cambridge Outpatient

Supported by the Spaulding National Running Center, our injury prevention team will work with you to create a detailed evaluation, including video analysis, to assess your gait, muscle strength, flexibility and posture to develop a personalized plan for you. Our experts can create an accurate, useful evaluation and individualized plan no matter your running style or goals — whether you’re a beginner or an ultra-marathoner. We will teach you how to run safely, avoid injury, and achieve your personal best.

Levels of Care for the Healthy Running Injury Prevention Program

With a combination of highly-trained people and the most advanced rehabilitation treatments and research available, we’re here to make a difference in your life and help pave the road to healthy, injury-free running.

  • Outpatient
  • Wellness

Spaulding's Approach to Our Healthy Running Injury Prevention Program

All of our practitioners are not only licensed physical therapists but have all undergone additional training and testing through the Spaulding National Running Center, obtaining credentialed status in the Healthy Running Program.

We are all passionate about what we do and collaborate with each other regularly to keep up to date on the latest research and treatment approaches.


Whether you are a beginner or ultra-marathoner, we perform a detailed evaluation, including video analysis to asses a runner's:

  • Gait
  • Muscle strength
  • Flexibility


Our thorough evaluation allows us to construct an individually tailored exercise and training program, which may include recommendations on:

  • How to run safely
  • Avoiding injury
  • Achieving your goals

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