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Donate Your Birthday for Spaulding


Make your special day extra meaningful by donating your birthday by fundraising for Spaulding. 

It’s easy to donate your birthday to benefit Spaulding patients and families — see below for some ideas. Then simply let your friends and family know that a Spaulding donation will be the most meaningful gift they can give.

Those donations will help improve the quality of life for people recovering from, or learning to live fully with, illness, injury, or loss of ability. Through this generous gesture, you are an active contributor to rehabilitation medicine and research — and to incredible recoveries. Thank you!

Image banner with a colorful birthday cake and the words, I'm donating my birthday to Spaulding Rehabilitation.

Ways to Donate


Helpful Tips

  • Set a meaningful and realistic goal: $100 for Spaulding’s 100% amazing caregivers; $200 for your birthday on the 20th of the month; $400 for your 40th birthday — do what feels right for you. Remember that many people will feel most comfortable chipping in $5 or $10.
  • Share your story: People will love to hear why Spaulding’s mission matters to you. Make it personal!
  • Think outside the box: If you’re looking for fun, unique ways to inspire your friends and family, try a creative idea like pledging to run a mile for every $10 raised, doing a silly-but-safe dare for $50, or hosting a virtual event for your supporters.


Here’s to improving lives and celebrating that impact on your special day!

Explore additional ways to give

Imagine the Possibilities

An investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary — or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make new realities possible, starting now.