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Community Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Spaulding Rehabilitation will support you by:

  • Answering questions and sharing fundraising best practices.
  • Providing access to a personalized online fundraising page.
  • Promoting your event on Spaulding Rehabilitation’s social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (at our discretion).
  • Permitting use of Spaulding’s logo for fundraising materials, collateral, advertisements, flyers, and giveaways (with approval).
  • Processing gifts and providing tax receipts, when applicable, for contributions made online and those mailed directly to Spaulding Rehabilitation.
  • Offering samples of solicitation letters.
  • Sharing resources and information about the area your event is supporting.

Event organizers are responsible for:

  • Planning and promoting their fundraising effort.
  • Creating and maintaining invitation and attendee lists. Spaulding Rehabilitation is not able to provide mailing lists of donors, staff, or vendors.
  • Arranging volunteers and all day-of support.
  • Soliciting donations and/or sponsorships.
  • Producing and distributing communication and marketing materials, collateral, advertisements, flyers, and giveaways.
  • Customizing their online fundraising page.
  • Paying for all event-related expenses. Spaulding Rehabilitation is not responsible for paying any invoices.
  • Coordinating media coverage and distributing press releases, with prior approval from Spaulding’s Development and Marketing departments.

For questions, or more information on third-party events, please contact Amanda Shuman at Thank you for your interest in supporting Spaulding Rehabilitation’s programs and services.