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Brain Injury Fellowship

General Information

Program Description

The Brain Injury fellowship is a one year program that provides clinical and research training in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and other neurologic disorders. The program is organized as 9 months of clinical rotations, at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and 3 months of clinical research.

Rotation Schedule for the Fellowship

July –Sept - SRH Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation
September – November – MGH Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials course, CITI certification (approx. 5 hrs/week, concurrent with other listed rotations)
October – MGH Neuroradiology
November – SRH Outpatient Neurorehabilitation clinics/Research
December- PM&R Brain Disorders Consultations at MGH or BWH/Research
January - PM&R Brain Disorders Consultations at MGH or BWH/Research
February – April - SRH Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation
May – Elective
June – Research

Overall Goals

The Brain Injury Fellowship program seeks to develop physiatrists with clinical and research skills that will enable them to become leaders in clinical neurorehabilitation programs in academic settings.

Medical Knowledge and Patient Care

The fellow will devote 9 of the 12 months of this fellowship developing expertise in the clinical management of patients undergoing in- and outpatient rehabilitation after stroke, brain injury, and other neurologic diseases. He/she will develop a sophisticated understanding of salient issues in the acute management of patients with these conditions. The fellow will gain expertise in traditional and newer rehabilitation modalities and in the management of medical comorbidities and complications of patients undergoing rehabilitation in the context of neurologic impairment. The fellow will become knowledgeable regarding standard rehabilitation and neurologic outcomes assessment tools and their clinical and research uses.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 

The fellow will develop clinical team leadership skills and the ability to interact with patients and families in a compassionate and effective manner. He/she will learn to discuss medical issues with patients and families in ways respectful of their level of medical knowledge. The fellow will become a skilled leader of program team meetings and family conferences. He/she will learn what each member of the rehabilitation team contributes to patient care and will become skilled in engaging all in the common enterprise of delivering optimal patient care.


The fellow will demonstrate consistent timely completion of required clinical documentation.  He/she will address, in a thorough and timely manner, requests from clinical staff, patients, and families to address clinical and other issues. They will obtain and document consent for all procedures.  They will exhibit sensitivity to cultural and ethnic differences.

Practice Based learning and Improvement

The fellow will identify and present teaching cases at rotation based conferences and rounds. The fellow will use online and library resources to research clinical questions regarding their patients on a daily basis and will use these investigations as teaching exercises for other members of the clinical team.  It is anticipated that the fellow’s research projects will arise from and be informed by issues encountered in their clinical practice.

Systems Based Practice

The fellow will learn the differences among the several levels of post-acute care in the Partners system,  and how to triage patients to the most appropriate level. The fellow will learn to communicate frequently with referring physicians and hospitals to maximize patient care and to create complete and clear handoff documents for the next level of care.  Fellows will attend program management meetings for the Stroke and Brain Injury programs at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to gain an understanding of program development issues and constraints.


The Brain Injury Medicine Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital participates in the Brain Injury Match. Click here for for information on how to apply.

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