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Limb Loss Fellowship


This 12-month fellowship gives physiatrists a chance to work in tandem with Department of PM&R physiatrists and our colleagues from across Mass General Brigham in plastic surgery, orthopedic trauma, ortho-oncology and wound care to redefine the notion of limb loss restoration and longitudinal rehabilitation care. The fellowship is unique as it includes a two-month rotation at the Walter Reed Medical Center, enabling the fellow to experience both civilian and military model systems of amputee care.


A triumphant runner with two leg prostheses.The Limb Loss Fellowship at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital began in 2021 and was supported thanks to a lead gift from The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The program was established as a response to the growing need for advanced training in amputee care and as a legacy impact of the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013. By catalyzing unique collaborations, the Fellowship has helped transform trauma and limb loss care for civilian and military patients. The Inaugural Fellow, Dr. Tawnee Sparling, who completed her training in August 2022, is the Medical Director of Amputee Care at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The 2023-2024 Limb Loss Fellowship will be supported by a generous grant from the Manton Foundation, adding to the Foundation’s existing partnership with Spaulding’s Limb Loss Rehabilitation Program.

A patient and therapist look at a laptop during a therapy session.Structure

The Limb Loss Fellowship combines civilian and military multidisciplinary clinical and research expertise and training including across Spaulding Rehabilitation as well as Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. The fellow gets a breadth of exposure by rotating through outpatient amputee specific clinic, as well as multidisciplinary clinics involving plastic surgery, orthopedic trauma, orthopedic oncology. Rotations include operating room observation of novel amputation techniques, e.g. Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, Ewing Amputations and Osseointegration.

Scholarly Activities

The fellowship is structured to give the fellow an extensive range of experience through clinical exposure, research, teaching, and administration. The fellow is expected to participate in monthly Fellow Rounds, one Grand Rounds lecture, as well as ongoing research projects and scholarly work. In addition, the fellow teaches the PM&R residents, medical students, and interdisciplinary team members as part of clinical and didactic sessions.


Completion of a 3 year ACGME accredited PM&R residency in addition to successful completion of a preliminary year will make you eligible to apply for the Limb Loss Fellowship.


The Amputee Rehabilitation Fellowship is thrilled you are interested in applying to our fellowship.

Important Dates

  • Sept 1-October 1, 2024: Suggested submission window of this application and supporting material*
  • Nov & Dec 2024: Virtual interview or visit with program, if possible and desired
  • August 1, 2025: First day of fellowship

*It is highly recommended to submit on or before October 1st to give adequate time for the program to review your application and arrange for an interview. The program may accept applications on a case-by-case basis after this date.

How to Apply

Complete the application.

Email application and supporting documentation to David Crandell, MD at and Megan Gentile at

Contact Us

For questions and more information on this fellowship, please contact the Program Manager, Dr. David Crandell, at

Sample Schedule

  • August-October

    Monday: ICAN Clinic & Consults
    Tuesday: OR & Consults
    Wednesday: Limb Loss Clinic & Research
    Thursday: Limb Reconstruction Clinic
    Friday: Orthotic Clinic & OR

  • November-December

    Walter Reed Rotation

  • January


  • February-April

    Monday: ICAN Clinic & Consults
    Tuesday: OR & Consults
    Wednesday: Limb Loss Clinic & Research
    Thursday: Limb Reconstruction Clinic & Orthotic Clinic
    Friday: Selective

  • May-July

    Monday: Scleroderma Clinic & Consults
    Tuesday: Orthotic Clinic
    Wednesday: Limb Loss Clinic & Inpatient
    Thursday: Ortho Oncology Clinic
    Friday: Inpatient