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Wound Care

Complex wounds can cause feelings of frustration, isolation, and loss of control as you cope with the healing process. A wound can negatively impact your quality of life. We will collaborate with you and your medical team to employ effective treatment modalities as we work toward our mutual goal of wound healing. We will strive to provide you with the knowledge and your body with the tools it needs to provide an optimal environment for healing while promoting well-being.

We treat people who have:

  • Pressure injuries
  • Vascular ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Incontinence associated dermatitis
  • Myocutaneous flaps and grafts
  • Enterocutaneous fistulas within a wound bed

Spaulding's Approach to Wound Care

Many factors affect wound healing. Holistic healing is our approach and goal. By collaborating with you and your interdisciplinary team, we will tailor your wound care treatment plan to your needs. High-level support surfaces and advanced wound treatments are readily available for effective wound management. We will provide education to you and your family on the treatment plan, dressing changes, and long-term preventative measures. We recognize the impact a complex chronic wound can have on you and your loved ones’ lives. We will ultimately work with you to promote independence and healing of your wounds while focusing on your long-term needs to ensure you are successful upon discharge.

Levels Of Care for Wound Care

Along the way, your recovery is supported by some the most advanced rehabilitation treatments, research and programs available that create a continuum of care.

  • Long-Term Acute