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The Performance Matrix

World Class assessment & training to empower you to be your best!

Whether you want to improve your personal performance in competitive sports or simply get more out of the hobbies and physical activities you enjoy most, The Performance Matrix (TPM Active) Movement Health Program will help you reach your full potential.

Developed for elite athletes, our clinically proven system gives you the opportunity to improve the health and efficiency of your movement to allow you to quickly reach your goals. Our certified movement practitioners provide an independent service and work with your personal training team, adding and progressing training priorities that complement the work with your personal trainer or sport coach.

Together we will:

  • Find the movement impairments that contribute to your injury risk.
  • Create a movement efficiency profile and individualized report.
  • Design a personalized retraining program to progress you towards your movement goals.
  • Provide periodic re-screening to track your progress and update the training emphasis to maximize your results and maintain your motivation!
  • Enjoy our state-of-the art movement studio inclusive of Pilates & GYROTONIC ™ Expansion System.

Sign up for an initial 10-week program and begin your journey towards movement health.

(Not eligible for insurance coverage).


The Performance Matrix

World class movement assessment and retraining to empower you to move at your best.

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Movement Efficiency for a Lifetime
TPM Active enables everyone to access an academic research-backed movement evaluation system.
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Movement Health

movement health

Our Movement System Specialists coach movement, assisting you to develop your most robust movement system, allowing you to achieve or regain movement choices/options.