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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

May 27,  2020

Our healthcare system is evolving. And as our organization fosters greater collaboration and re-envisions care, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) will be at the center of all this work. Whether it involves community engagement, groundbreaking research, workforce development, the promotion of health equity, improving clinical outcomes, or enhancing patient experience, DE&I impacts all areas of our healthcare system.

The stories presented in this report are from programs across Mass General Brigham that exemplify the innovative strategies and solutions for incorporating DE&I into our system. The products and practices covered in this checkup report illustrate the impact of intentionally integrating DE&I into the many facets of our work. They have broadened understandings of our workforce, strengthened community relations, and improved patient outcomes. Each story has embraced the idea that when DE&I is applied with intentionality in healthcare, innovation is the result.

Patient demographics are shifting and how we access care is changing. Mass General Brigham is building a diverse workforce to meet these needs. The communities our healthcare system serves are more diverse; not only by race, ethnicity, and gender, but also by age, religion, disability, and veteran status. Our workforce must reflect our society if we want to continue to provide exemplary care to patients. Incorporating DE&I is a strategic mission imperative. The more diverse and inclusive Partners’ workforce is, the more expansive the range of groundbreaking ideas, unique experiences, and diverse perspectives we have available within our organization.

As a system of more than 78,000 employees, we have a wealth of stories from which we can learn. This report highlights just a few of them. We are grateful for the DE&I-related programs and practices covered in this report. They are driving change and expanding our notions of what is possible in healthcare. Our hope is that as you read these stories and data, you are inspired to further incorporate DE&I into your everyday work. Through our collective DE&I efforts, we can drive the change that will enable us to remain global leaders in healthcare and medical research.

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