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2021-05-04news-articleNews<p>Learn about the&nbsp;Assistive Technology Clinic (ATEC) at Spaulding Outpatient Center Boston.</p>

The Assistive Technology Clinic (ATEC)

May 4,  2021

Written by: Michelle Marques, MS, OTR/L 

The ATEC occupational therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown provides evaluation and treatment focused on assistive technology. This may include technology that allows access to computers, tablets, mobile phones, and/or augmentative and alternative communication devices for children who experience physical and/or sensory barriers to access. It may also include technology that provides access to the school curriculum and educational materials for children whose physical, sensory, learning, communication, or intellectual disabilities have impacted their participation and performance in school. The clinic can also provide guidance on improving children’s independence at home through the use of smart home technology or adaptive equipment to assist in activities of daily living and leisure activities. Please click here or call 617-952-6200 for information on how to have your child evaluated. Evaluations can be done in the clinic or, under certain circumstances (and only for MA residents), as virtual visits.