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Rehabilitation Outcomes Center at Spaulding (ROCS)

Ensuring that we achieve results that matter to you.


The Rehabilitation Outcomes Center at Spaulding is committed to advancing data-driven care along every step of the rehabilitation journey, from inpatient through community living. Strategic, evidence-based use of outcome measures guides the delivery of targeted treatments at the right time.

The Center will achieve this mission with collaborative partnerships across the following domains:

  • Clinical Application
  • Advocacy & Education
  • Research
  • Equity & Accessibility


To employ the science of meaningful outcome measures for all people who need rehabilitation. To maximize recovery and life participation, ensure person-centered decision-making, and define the next frontier of rehabilitative care.

Jeffrey Schneider, MD
"The future of medicine includes bringing cutting-edge science to the field of rehabilitation outcomes."
Jeffrey Schneider, MD, Co-Director of the Rehabilitation Outcomes Center

Core Goals


    Advance utilization of outcome assessments and metrics to inform clinical care.


    Disseminate data and knowledge to promote use of outcomes measurement and influence rehabilitation policies.


    Facilitate and produce cutting-edge rehabilitation outcomes research that spans diagnoses and levels of care.


    Include persons with disabilities and other underrepresented minorities in all initiatives.

Joseph Giacino, PhD
"As an investigator, clinician and educator, what matters most at the end of the day is the final outcome. ROCS is here to help you achieve the best one possible."
Joseph Giacino, PhD, Co-Director of the Rehabilitation Outcomes Center