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Policies and What to Expect

Your clinicians will work closely with you to individually tailor your treatment and goals. To help us do this please fill out a Health Intake form before or on your first visit to inform your team about your health, medical history, and special needs. It is important to always inform your clinicians about any changes in your health status or medications during your course of care.

PLEASE read the following important information regarding your time at our clinic:

  • A physician prescription (MD order) is required for you to start receiving physical therapy and acupuncture services. Massage is a usually self-pay service and does not require a physician’s order.
  • Initial Evaluation: Please arrive 15 minutes early to allot time to check in and complete the registration process. Your time in the clinic will be approximately 60 minutes. Please bring your insurance card, picture identification, and Health Intake Form. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will be easy to move in.
  • Follow-up appointments: Individual follow up appointments range between 30-45 minutes each and include a wide variety of effective treatments for your specific symptoms. Please make sure your appointments are booked ahead of time to prevent a lapse in treatment.
  • Insurance Information:
    • If your insurance requires that you have a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) for treatment, please obtain this prior to your visit. (Insurance referrals are different than a physician prescription)
    • If you choose to receive care without the necessary referrals or authorizations, you will assume responsibility for payment.
    • Most of our services are covered by insurance. If services are not covered, we will inform you and you may opt to pay the self-pay rate at each visit.
    • If your insurance requires co-payments, they are due at the time of each visit. We accept checks and credit card payments.
    • Please alert us if your insurance changes during your course of treatment.

It is your responsibility to check your insurance coverage/benefits.

  • If you have question about your bills, please call our Spaulding Billing Customer Service Line: 617.726.3884.