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GolfStrong at Spaulding Framingham

Spaulding’s GolfStrong Program is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screening performed by therapists professional certified as TPI Golf Instructors. 

The comprehensive evaluation will assess muscle weakness, inflexibility and instability specific to the golf swing.  Once specific flaws are identified, they’ll teach you the proper exercises to correct them.  

Spaulding’s Approach to Care

TPI-certified clinicians will perform a golf-specific, full body functional screening.  They’ll identify key areas that may be hindering your golf swing, including: upper and lower body strength; thoracic, hip and should mobility; core strength; poor functional movement patterns.

They’ll address your areas of impairment with individualized exercises and stretches that will help make your golf swing more efficient and effective, thereby decreasing your risk of injury and improving your performance long term.

GolfStrong is a self-pay program.  The fee for a comprehensive evaluation and follow-up visit is $175.