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Policies & What to Expect

Policies and What to Expect:

Before Scheduling

  • We require prescriptions for therapy to be sent to our office prior to scheduling any appointments. Please obtain a prescription for the therapy from the patient’s doctor. The prescription must include the therapy type, the patient’s name, date of birth, and medical diagnosis.
  • If your child has recently had an evaluation for the desired therapy in another outpatient setting, we will require a copy of that evaluation for review prior to scheduling any appointments.
  • If you will need an interpreter arranged for your appointment, please notify staff during scheduling.

New Patients/Evaluations

Arrive ~5-10 min early w/ insurance card(s) and photo id(if over 18).

  • Parent/legal guardian must attend to complete and sign any necessary consent forms. Proof of guardianship must be provided if the legal guardian is not the parent or if the patient is 18 and over.
  • Prior to the appointment, please return all intake forms that were sent to you. If applicable, please send or bring to the appointment copies of any PT/OT/Speech evaluations performed within the last year, the patient’s current IEP, and Behavioral Support Plan.
  • If having augmentative communication evaluation bring any current communication system your child may be using at home or school.
  • If your child has any braces, adaptive equipment, or communication books/boards/devices, please bring these with you to your appointments.
  • If you anticipate your child may have difficulty participating, please bring 1-2 reinforcers, such as a favorite toy, game, or snack.
  • Pack extra diapers/changes of clothing for your child in the event of an accident.
  • If your insurance requires referrals, please call the patient’s primary care physician to submit a referral for the appointment(s). The referral should be dated to start on or before the first visit to our center. Our national provider number or NPI is.
  • If a copay or private pay is required, payment is due at the time of each visit. We accept personal check and all major credit cards. We do not accept cash.
  • If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please try to notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Be aware multiple cancellations or no shows will affect your child’s progress, can jeopardize your insurance coverage, and may result in possible cancellation of future appointments.

Additional Information:

If your child is ill, please use your best judgment in coming for therapy. It will be difficult for your child to be productive in therapy and puts other children and staff at risk. If your child has a fever or active infection (including rashes), wait 24 hours after symptoms are cleared before coming for therapy. If your child has a rash, you will require a doctor’s note before returning for treatment.

If participating in feeding therapy bring

  • 3 preferred foods (foods that you child currently eats and likes)
  • 3 non-preferred or “goal” foods (foods that your child is not currently eating that you would like him/her to eat)
  • A beverage
  • Any special feeding equipment, cup, utensils that may improve participation.