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Policies & What to Expect

We are happy you have chosen Spaulding Outpatient Center Cambridge for your rehabilitation. You will be seen by a licensed skilled rehabilitation team member. For additional information, please contact us by phone at (617) 952-6800 press option 4, ext. 2.

PLEASE read the following important information regarding your time at our clinic:

A physician prescription (written MD order) is required for you to start receiving therapy services. If we have not already received your prescription, please bring your prescription for therapy to your initial appointment.

Initial Evaluation

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allot time to check in and complete the registration process for therapy appointments and 30 minutes early for medical appointments. Please bring your insurance card and picture identification. Also, be sure to bring a list of medications if applicable. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will be easy to move in. Please click here (link to: Patient Services & Care Guides) to find a medical history questionnaire for your first appointment. Please bring this questionnaire completed to your upcoming appointment. This will save time at the point of registration and help to get you in for your appointment on time.

Please plan ahead, as we ask that you bring any medical records, diagnostic tests with the reports (i.e. MRI’s, CT scans, X-Rays, Nerve Conduction/EMG studies, laboratory tests, and sleep studies) and/or previous office notes RELATED TO YOUR VISIT to the center. Be aware that you may need to sign release forms to obtain your medical records and will most likely need to pick up a diagnostic test/report from the place at which it was performed. It is your responsibility to obtain your medical information because we cannot treat you appropriately without it.


Each follow up session may include education, exercise, the use of modalities, and/or manual work. Please inform your therapist of any changes in your medications or medical status. You should make sure your appointments are booked ahead of time to prevent a lapse in treatment.

Insurance information & Picture Identification

Please bring your health insurance card and picture identification. If your insurance requires that you have a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to see a specialist, please obtain this.

SRH Cambridge Facility NPI: 1780600825

Dr. Elson NPI: 1366600892

Dr. Bean NPI: 1730160953

Dr. Binder NPI: 1396792859

Dr. Tenforde NPI: 1184996357

Dr. Zaniewski NPI: 1053347914

  • If you choose to receive care without the necessary referrals or authorizations from your insurance, you will assume responsibility for payment. If services are not covered and you still desire them, you may opt to self-pay for each visit.
  • It is your responsibility to check your insurance coverage/benefits.
  • If your insurance requires co-payments, they are due at the time of each visit. We accept checks and credit card payments.
  • Please alert us if your insurance changes during your course of treatment.
  • If you have question about your bills, please call our Spaulding Billing Customer Service Line: 617-726-3884.


24 Hour Cancellation Policy

We are a busy practice and appointments are at a premium. Please be aware that multiple cancellations can affect your recovery, can jeopardize your insurance coverage, and may result in discharge from our service.

Advance Directive/MA HealthCare Proxy documents

If you have designated someone to make health care decisions for you in the event you become incapable of making or communicating these decisions, please provide us with a copy of your Advance Directive or Massachusetts Health Care Proxy. Further information is available through the Massachusetts Medical Society at or you can request a copy from the Front Desk Staff.

We support the law known as the Massachusetts Patient’s Bill of Rights. A copy is posted in our center and you may also request a copy.

We participate in outcomes tracking and will be asking you to complete a survey at the beginning and completion of your program. This will help us better understand how your injury/impairment/pain affects your present quality of life and functional issues.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

If you have questions or concerns, please share these and we will work to resolve any issues. If your patient service representative, therapist, or physician cannot help you, please contact Eric Siller, Site Manager, at (617) 952-6808.

  • The Spaulding Mission

    Spaulding’s mission is to provide a full continuum of rehabilitation services, to contribute new knowledge and treatment approaches through research and outcomes studies, to educate future rehabilitation specialists, to advocate for persons with disabilities, and to support the mission of Partners Health Care System.