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Virtual Visits at Spaulding Cambridge Outpatient

Sometimes you just need to ask your doctor a few questions or you may have a therapy program that doesn’t require an in-office visit or use of equipment. For these types of appointments, you can now receive care from expert clinicians and therapists from the comfort of your own home. In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Telehealth Program, we have made Virtual Visits a reality.

A Virtual Visit is an online appointment with your doctor. Through the use of video chat, similar to Skype, Google Talk, and FaceTime, your clinician can walk you through your session and answer all your questions without a trip to the doctor’s office or rehabilitation center.

All you need is a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet access.

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Spaulding's Approach to Virtual Visits

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

Talk to your patient service coordinator or clinic staff and they will assist with your enrollment. To learn more, visit MGH Tele-health's website.

Am I eligible for Virtual Visits?

Virtual Visits are not appropriate for every clinical encounter so we recommend that you ask your provider about this program. You and your doctors will decide if Virtual Visits are appropriate.

Is there a cost for Virtual Visits?

Similar to your copay for your in-person office visits, you will be charged a fee for your Virtual Visits. You may be responsible for this payment as most insurance plans do not currently pay for Virtual Visits in Massachusetts.

Are Virtual Visits safe, secure and private?

Spaulding wants to ensure you receive the highest quality of health care and to have a relationship with you built on trust. This trust includes our commitment to respect the privacy and confidentiality of your health information:

  • Just like a regular doctor’s appointment, your Virtual Visit needs to be kept private and confidential. It is important that you select a private and secure place for your Virtual Visit so that others cannot see or hear your protected health information
  • We use the most advanced and secure videoconferencing software so that your appointment cannot be hacked or intercepted
  • Your personal health information will be safely recorded and placed in your medical record
  • Please see the “Partners Notice for Use and Sharing of Protected Health In-formation” for more details on how we maintain and protect your health in-formation

Participating Physicians

The following physicians participate in the Virtual Visit program: