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Rowing Performance at Spaulding Outpatient Brighton

From Pain to Performance, our services are designed to address common rowing injuries and musculoskeletal pain as well as underlying movement & technique impairments. Whether junior, master or elite athlete we specialize in providing individually specific interventions to return you to superior performance.

Our physical therapists & movement specialists provide:

  • Manual Therapy for pain, joint & soft tissue restrictions.
  • Targeted exercise prescription for management of acute & chronic injuries.
  • Relief from the common experience of repetitive stress to the low back, hip, SI, upper back, ribs & shoulder.
  • Posture & technique refinement to complement coaching cues and accelerate skill acquisition.
  • Performance Matrix screening & movement retraining to allow you to overcome training plateaus & exceed your PR.

Work with our experienced clinicians & enjoy our state of the art movement studio as you return to competition feeling stronger and more confident in your rowing stroke.

Our Specialist Clinicians