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Driving Assessment Program at Spaulding Boston Outpatient

Driving is a necessary daily activity for many, so when a medical condition or the aging process compromises your ability to operate a vehicle safely, it can result not only in a loss of independence but isolate you from your community.

Spaulding Outpatient Center Boston offers a Level 2 Driver Rehabilitation Program. Licensed occupational therapists design a plan to help you maintain your independence and keep you connected to the community. We will evaluate your vision, spatial awareness, and physical and mental reaction time to determine your potential to drive and whether adaptive equipment could make driving safer and easier for you. Our goal is to work with you to identify the best options for safe community mobility.

Spaulding’s Approach To Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation

We start with a clinical assessment that takes one to two hours. Following this, a person may be recommended for an in vehicle assessment coordinated between the patient, their family/support, the occupational therapist, and the partnered driving school or certified driving rehabilitation specialist.

Following both assessments, recommendations are made and range from resuming driving with recommendations or requirements, pursuing driving rehabilitation, pursuing adaptive equipment training or vehicle modifications, pursuing continued therapy, or refraining from driving. In cases where driving is not recommended, alternative transportation options will be discussed to ensure continued community mobility. Final recommendations are forwarded to the referring physician and in some cases the Registry of Motor Vehicles.