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Celebrating Milestones with Your Support

Who helped you achieve a major milestone in your life? For our patients, the answer is often “Spaulding”—and the donor community that provides resources and support to help them succeed.

At Spaulding, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary this year—50 years of helping patients and families find their strength to achieve seemingly impossible goals. With your help, we’ll make countless more recoveries possible in the next 50 years.

Read these powerful stories of recovery and accomplishment, and see your impact in action.

Give Today

A Life-Long Goal, After a Life-Changing Injury

Meet Ethan

When a spinal cord injury paralyzed Ethan from the neck down and derailed his junior year at Boston University, his family turned to Spaulding for his rehabilitation. With hard work and determination, Ethan is on track to complete his degree this summer and walk with his class. It’s an academic achievement, and a physical one.

You can help celebrate the achievements of patients like Ethan—and commemorate Spaulding’s milestone anniversary—with a special unrestricted gift today.

Compassionate Care for a Complicated Recovery

Meet Bonnie

After a planned heart surgery, followed by two unexpected strokes, Bonnie knew her recovery would be long and complex. Thanks to wrap-around care at Spaulding Cape Cod, she recovered and got home to her seven children—ready to celebrate milestones as a family, together again.

From Cancer to a 5K

Meet Pierce

After multiple surgeries and chemotherapy to treat a rare, cancerous tumor on his brain stem, Pierce was determined to get back to his pre-cancer activities. With the help of the entire Spaulding Rehabilitation, Pierce beat cancer—and ran a meaningful road race with his physical therapist by his side.

Every journey of recovery is unique. By making your gift to Spaulding today, you will join us in helping each of our patients and caregivers find their strength.

Finding Strength at Spaulding

Meet Lili

Lili, nurse manager at Spaulding Brighton, takes great pride in helping her team and patients achieve their goals. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, she faced a major challenge—and realized a new source of strength and compassion.

Imagine the Possibilities

At a time when scientific advancements can help make the impossible possible, an investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary — or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make a real difference... starting now.