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Spaulding Stories of Strength

What’s Your Spaulding Story?

Each day, people like you and your loved ones receive life-changing care at Spaulding. Whether overcoming sudden illness or injury, or managing a chronic condition, every person who enters our doors has a unique history. Our clinical teams, researchers, staff, and generous donors are the supporting characters in your stories of strength.

Read on to see how your investments have helped patients write their next chapter.

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Finding Hope at Spaulding

Meet Sandrick

While on their way home from a birthday party, 14-year-old Sandrick and his family were tragically involved in a senseless drive-by shooting. Read how Spaulding’s investments in our clinicians and leading-edge equipment helped Sandrick on his journey of recovery.

At Spaulding, we’ve been writing the book on innovative rehabilitation care, research, and teaching for more than fifty years. Together, and with your generous donations, we will help even more people turn the page in their complex journeys of recovery.

Celebrating Life and Love After Stroke

Meet Patty

While she recovered from a stroke, Patty’s care team at Spaulding Cape Cod went above and beyond to treat her physical and emotional needs. Read how they celebrated her one-year post-stroke anniversary in a special way.

Enjoying an Active Life Again

Meet Amit

Searching for relief from chronic pain, Amit turned to Spaulding outpatient centers for our innovative practices and broad range of treatments. Read how he was able to return to the activities he loves.

Spaulding donors help make impossible recoveries possible. Just imagine what you will make possible for our patients—and their families—with your generous gift today.

Perseverance and Inspiration

Meet Johnny

Johnny’s care team at Spaulding Cambridge found creative, individualized approaches to motivating him during recovery after he went into respiratory failure during a routine procedure. Read how your gifts help patients like Johnny turn the page in their recoveries.

Imagine the Possibilities

At a time when scientific advancements can help make the impossible possible, an investment in rehabilitation medicine has never been more necessary — or more promising.

Your gift to Spaulding can make a real difference... starting now.