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Residents - PGY4

  • Berky Gebrekristos, MD

    Berky Gebrekristos, MD

    Hometown: Cupertino, California 

    Medical School: UCSF

    Clinical Interests: Multi-disciplinary approaches to management of musculoskeletal injuries, US guided treatments

    Fun fact/hobby: Exploring, hiking, trying out new restaurants, games 

  • Lauren Hall, MD

    Lauren Hall, MD

    Hometown: Charlton, MA

    Medical School: UMass Medical School

    Clinical Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury, Pediatric PM&R 

    Fun fact/hobby: I am a former gymnast and Special Olympics coach! I enjoy hiking, swimming, kayaking, and spending time with my fiance, friends, family, and twin nephews! I love finding new restaurants to try and I make the best guacamole around. 

  • Daniel Hussey, MD

    Daniel Hussey, MD

    Hometown: South China, Maine

    Medical School: Tufts Medical School

    Clinical Interests: Sports medicine, pain medicine, interventional spine, medical device innovation 

    Fun fact/hobby: Spending time with my family, hiking, downhill skiing, exercise, watching football, video games

  • Bryan Le, MD

    Bryan Le, MD

    Hometown: Rhode Island

    Medical School: Brown University

    Clinical Interests: Stroke Rehab

    Fun fact/hobby: Tennis, Jazz Saxophone, Songwriting, Running, Hiking

  • Christa Nnoromele, MD

    Christa Nnoromele, MD

    Hometown: Richmond, KY

    Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    Clinical Interests: SCI, Sports Medicine, Adaptive Sports, largely undifferentiated 

    Fun fact/hobby: Hanging out with my dog and Netflix

  • Sean Schowalter, MD

    Sean Schowalter, MD

    Hometown: Latham, NY

    Medical School: Boston University

    Clinical Interests: Sports Medicine and Neurorehabilitation

    Fun fact/hobby: I enjoy getting outdoors, hiking, tennis, and eating out.

  • Alp Yurter, MD

    Alp Yurter, MD

    Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ

    Medical School: Yale School of Medicine

    Clinical Interests: Regenerative medicine, anti-aging, genomics-based nutrition optimization 

    Fun fact/hobby: Strength training, drawing