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Past Residents

  • Ya-Ting Chen, MD

    Ya-Ting Chen, MD

    Hometown: Taiwan, then Bay Area in California

    Medical School: Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

    Clinical Interests: I became interested in PM&R because I have always enjoyed studying the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and I wanted to help people improve their overall functional status through a team-based approach. There is such a breadth of topics that we can learn in this field. I am excited to delve into it and grow as a well-rounded physician in the years to come.

    Fun Fact/Hobby: Traveling, watching movies, playing squash, ice skating, and now learning to play the ukulele.

  • Stephanie DeLuca, MD

    Stephanie DeLuca, MD

    Hometown: Yonkers, New York

    Medical School: New York Medical College 

    Clinical Interests: Pediatric sports medicine, sports specialization, overuse injuries, MSK, female athletes, injury prevention 

    Fun Fact/Hobby: HIT workouts, spending time with my fiancé and friends, exploring the city of Boston, visiting friends and family in New York, New York Yankees and Giants fan, playing with my dog Ramsey 

  • Catherine Mills, MD

    Catherine Mills, MD

    Hometown: Lawrenceville, NJ

    Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Clinical Interests: I'm interested in Sports Medicine, with a specific interest in Adaptive Sports. I also am interested in Spinal Cord Injury and Amputee. I became interested in PM&R because of the emphasis on function and helping patients to get back into their lives after unexpected life events! 

    Fun Fact/Hobby: I love running and playing with my dog, Daisy! I also enjoy knitting, it's very relaxing! 

  • Anthony Park, MD

    Anthony Park, MD

    Hometown: Seoul, South Korea, then Richmond, VA

    Medical School: University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Clinical Interests: SCI, Spasticity Management

    Fun Fact/Hobby: I hope to one day return to hiking, rock climbing, and reading fantasy novels one day when my daughter grows up

  • Cristina Shea, MD

    Cristina Shea, MD

    Medical School: Harvard Medical School

    Clinical Interests: Neurorehabilitation, pain management, palliative care

    Fun Fact/Hobby: Spending time with friends and family, travel, learning new languages

  • Alan Sutton, MD

    Alan Sutton, MD

    Hometown: Arlington, TX

    Medical School: UT Southwestern Medical School

    Clinical Interests: General PM&R and inpatient rehabilitation, spasticity and tone management

    Fun Fact/Hobby: Digital photography, building and modifying personal computers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Alissa Totman, MD

    Alissa Totman, MD

    Hometown: Lynnfield, MA

    Medical School: Stanford University

    Clinical Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury 

    Fun Fact/Hobby: I love donuts and have tried over 50 shops since starting residency! 

  • Razvan Turcu, MD, MBA

    Razvan Turcu, MD, MBA

    Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

    Medical School: University of Louisville

    Clinical Interests: PM&R attracted me because I liked the idea of helping people get back to the things they like to do after they suffered a functional setback. 

    Fun Fact/Hobby: Lego, Kyokushin Karate, Running, Hiking