Education & Training

Volunteer & Community Opportunities

Volunteer & Community Opportunities | Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

  • Pre-participation physical examinations for local college athletes
  • Boston Athletic Association Races
  • Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers
  • Local high school and college sports coverage
  • Warrior Health Program
  • Sport & Spirit Cape Cod Adaptive Camp
  • Fundraisers
  • Stroke Camp
  • All-A-Board



Residents volunteering and providing medical coverage for Sport & Spirit Cape Cod Adaptive Camp.       

Morgan (PGY-2) screening college athletes during annual Pre-Participation Physical Examinations.
 Ezi Okafor (PGY-3) and Robbie Diaz (PGY-4) providing medical Pre-Participation coverage for Boston Half Marathon.  Many volunteer opportunities for residents to participate in Spaulding’s Adaptive Sports Program. Residents learning first-hand about adaptive canoeing and kayaking.