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Spaulding Wellesley: Policies and What to Expect

Please read the following important information regarding your therapy and/or physician appointment at Spaulding Outpatient Center Wellesley:

  • Initial Appointment: We ask that patients arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to prepare you for your visit. Medical appointments are located in Suite 250. Please complete the SRH New Patient Packet. This information can be found on our Patient Service & Care Guide, and bring it to your first visit along with your health insurance card and a form of picture identification.

For your comfort during the exam, you may want to bring shorts and a t-shirt or sports bra. We require that patients refrain from using creams, scented lotions or perfumes on the day of their visit.

  • Medical Records: Please bring any pertinent previous office notes RELATED TO YOUR VISIT to your appointment. Please note as part of the Partners Healthcare Network we can access your records within the network. Records can be brought in at time of visit or faxed to by your doctor’s office.
  • MRI’s or X-rays: If you have any recent MRIs done in the year prior to your visit and they were not performed at NWH, MGH, or BWH (a Partners institution) please bring the films and reports to your appointment (We prefer hard copy of the films over a CD, as they cannot always be viewed).
  • Pre-Registration / Referrals: You may need to verify your demographic and insurance information with Massachusetts General Hospital prior to the visit if this has not already been done. Our doctors are part of the Mass General Physician Organization. This call typically takes a few minutes. Please have your insurance information available. Your plan may require a potential referral, authorization, or out-of-pocket payment for this visit. Pre-registration is available Mon-Thurs 8AM – 6PM and Friday 8AM to 5PM at (toll free). Please alert us if your insurance changes during your course of treatment.
  • Insurance Referrals: If your insurance requires a referral to see a specialist, please coordinate with the referral department at. Once your appointment is scheduled, the referral department will advocate on your behalf in obtaining a referral for your appointment. However, you are responsible for ensuring that they have received your PCP’s referral.
  • Co-Payments: If your insurance requires a copayment, it is due at the time of your visit. We accept payment in the form of a credit card or personal check for Drs. Borg-Stein, Elson, Eng, Kotler and Vora. Full payment for self-pay procedures, such as prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma and bone marrow injections & acupuncture, are due at the time of the visit.

Spaulding Outpatient Center Wellesley is a hospital based outpatient clinic; it is standard to receive one bill with 2 parts to your statements—one representing the physician charges from the Massachusetts General Physician Organization and one representing the hospital/facility charges from SRH. For questions regarding the hospital bill, please call.

If you are in need of any services to enhance your visit with us (ie: interpreter services, transportation,) please inform us prior to your visit and we will advocate on your behalf.

We are a busy practice and appointments are at a premium. Please provide 24 to 48 hours notice for cancellations so that we can notify patients on our waitlist.

As a patient, you are a valued member of the treatment team. Please share your goals and expectations with your clinicians. As your feedback is very important, you may receive a confidential satisfaction questionnaire from us. Please complete it and mail back to us.

In the unfortunate event you become incapable of making or communicating your health care decision, if you have designated someone to make them on your behalf, please provide us with a copy of your Advance Directive or Massachusetts Health Care Proxy document. Further information is available through the Massachusetts Medical Society at or ask the Front Desk Staff for a copy.

We support the law known as the Massachusetts Patient’s Bill of Rights. A copy is posted in our center and you may also request a copy.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please share these and we will work to resolve any issues. If your medical service representative, therapist or physician cannot help you, you may contact any of us at.

We hope your recovery goes safely and quickly. As always, we are here to help you!