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Vision Rehabilitation Program

Vision Rehab

Low vision refers to a significant loss of sight that cannot be corrected medically or surgically.  Vision Rehabilitation offers assessment and treatment of patients with vision problems stemming from disease or neurological injury, such as stroke or traumatic brain injury.  Patients with such common diagnoses as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy may benefit from therapy designed to enhance independence and quality of life.

Approach to Care

Spaulding’s Vision Rehabilitation Program begins with a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced optometrist and occupational therapist that have specialized in low vision care.  Together, they’ll develop an individualized treatment plan based upon your needs and goals.  Training on optical devices (magnifiers, filters) as well as non-optical aids (large-print materials, audio tapes, special lighting, closed circuit reading) is a key component to the program.  Additionally, patients receive training in adaptive strategies designed to maximize independent living.

Leadership and Expertise

Our team is led by an experienced Doctor of Optometry who has specialized in vision rehabilitation and works closely with occupational therapists who have extensive training in low vision therapy..

Kevin Houston, OD, FAAO, is Director of the Vision Rehabilitation Program at Spaulding Cape Cod.  He is a Doctor of Optometry who specializes in the assessment and treatment of patients with vision problems stemming from disease or neurological injury such as stroke or TBI.  Dr. Houston is an associate at Cape Cod Vision Associates and a researcher in the vision rehabilitation lab of Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary.  Dr. Houston brings extensive clinical and research experience to the program, having helped develop and direct a similar program at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana prior to coming to Spaulding Cape Cod.


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