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Sleep Center

Directed by an expert pulmonologist/sleep physician, the Spaulding Sleep Center features the latest digital data acquisition technology for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of neurologic and respiratory sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and periodic leg movement disorder. State-of-the-art evaluations at the Sleep Center include a comprehensive range of tests.

Our standard, full polysomnographic sleep study includes four channel EEG; EKG; leg, chin, and eye EMG; abdominal and thoracic respiratory effort; quantified snoring; oral-nasal air flow; nasal pressure; and pulse oximetry. Our experts use protocols to determine the best level of PAP (positive airway pressure) if you should need PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy.

The Sleep Center Experience

The attractive furnishings and comfortable atmosphere of the Sleep Center set it apart from most other sleep labs.  Making you comfortable helps to minimize the normal stress that many patients experience before undergoing medical testing.

Prior to the study you will be mailed a questionnaire and directions to the Sleep Center.  You will be asked to arrive at the sleep center on the evening of your evaluation. You should check in with the concierge in the lobby who will direct you to the Sleep Center.  You will fill out a night questionnaire and be fitted for a nasal or face mask in case you need it during the study.  

During the night, in the relaxed atmosphere of our Sleep Center, your sleep patterns will be carefully monitored. You may be treated with PAP or oxygen therapy.  The next morning, after you shower and dress, you will be asked to fill out a morning questionnaire and given a voucher to exchange in the cafeteria for breakfast.  Our Sleep Center staff intends for you to leave as refreshed as possible, and with a positive feeling about your experience.

The diagnostic suites at Spaulding Outpatient Center Cambridge are equipped with television, private shower, and comfortable bed.

General Information

Scheduling a Study

We accept referrals to book a sleep study from primary care physicians, specialists, or their offices by faxing a completed a Sleep Study Requisition form to: 617-952-6879. To request a Sleep Study Requisition Form, please contact the Sleep Center at 617-952-6871

Scheduling can be also be arranged by calling the Sleep Center at: 617-952-6871. Our sleep study scheduler will then contact you to schedule the study, and will confirm your appointment within a week of the study.


Health insurance plans (for instance BCBSMA, HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid) usually cover sleep evaluations, as prescribed by a physician. The Spaulding Sleep Center scheduler will assist you in verifying coverage for an evaluation in the Sleep Center.

Leadership and Expertise

Analysis of Your Personal Sleep Data

Data recorded during your Sleep Center stay is gathered by our expert technicians, scored and summarized, and then interpreted by a pulmonologist/sleep physician. We are pleased to offer a short turnaround for reading and report test and evaluation results.  All results are placed on Partners LMR (electronic medical record) with the results faxed and emailed to your ordering and primary care physicians.  If PAP therapy is recommended, your physician will need FAX a prescription and a copy of the sleep study to a home care company.

Our Sleep study team has extensive experience in neurophysiology, and in scoring and analyzing sleep study data. 


Medical Director: James Mojica, MD 
Administrative Director: Rob Welch, MS, PT, MBA
Chief Technologist: Maggie Powers RRT, RPSGT  
Polysomnograph technologists: Richard Mesek, RRT, RPSGT; Robert Trask, RRT, RPSG T; and  Jimmy Umudi, RPSGT
Sleep Center Scheduler: Khadija Hilal

Your physician may also refer you to our PAP habituation clinic for evaluation to try different types of pressures and masks; or for an MSLT (multiple sleep latency testing) if narcolepsy is suspected.


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Inpatient: 1.617.952.5350

Outpatient: 1.888.SRN.4330

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