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Gait Analysis/Robotic Therapy


The Motion Analysis Laboratory at Spaulding Boston offers both clinical gait evaluations and robotic therapy to assess and treat patients with mobility-limiting conditions including amputation, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. During an evaluation, our staff will analyze in detail how you walk using a high-tech multi-camera system. We then develop an individualized treatment plan to correct gait problems. We use advanced robotic technology in rehabilitation sessions, including the Lokomat, a robotic leg exoskeleton which assists patients in re-learning how to walk, and the ARMEO, an arm exoskeleton system that assists patients in improving reaching and grasping movements.

Leadership and Expertise

Our team consists of physical therapists, physiatrist and biomedical engineers who are internationally-known for their expertise in gait analysis and robotic therapy.

Directed by Paolo Bonato, the Motion Analysis Lab at Spaulding Boston provides state-of-the-art assessment and treatment for patients with mobility-limiting conditions. Dr. Donna Nimec serves as Medical Director in the lab.


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