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Spaulding’s Fit to Be Kids Program is designed to improve the health status of children and adolescents experiencing, or at risk for, health problems due to excess weight and inactivity.  Led by a clinical team that includes a registered dietitian, physical therapist assistant and licensed clinical social worker, Fit to Be Kids is a multi-disciplinary program for children and adolescents from 6 to 14 years of age.  Sessions are grouped by age and held early evenings twice a week for eight weeks. 

The program features individualized, progressive exercise, utilizing both indoor and outdoor activities, to promote cardiovascular health and an overall active lifestyle.  Nutrition education and counseling for both the child and family are integral to the program, along with ongoing assessment of the child’s emotional and social adjustment.

Our unique model, combining clinical leadership with peer support, contributes to this program’s success in helping children make strides in weight management and positive lifestyle changes.

Approach to Care

Whether a child needs a single therapy or a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists develop a customized care plan to ensure the best possible outcomes.  In helping our patients reach their potential, our staff addresses the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of each child, laying the foundation for the continuing development of abilities and the experience of success.  Clinicians work with pediatric specialists, referring physicians, schools, the family and the child to set goals and review progress.  Team members listen carefully to what each child and parent have to say to create a customized care plan that engages and motivates the child. We also help families identify additional services and resources available to them within the healthcare system and in their communities. 


Our Fit to Be Kids team consists of a registered dietitian, physical therapist assistant, and licensed clinical social worker.  Our clinicians have advanced training and experience working with children up to fifteen years of age. 

At Spaulding Outpatient Center Sandwich, Debra Merigan is Program Coordinator for Fit to be Kids.


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