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The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is dedicated to enabling individuals of all abilities to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Participation in sports and recreational pursuits helps to make this possible.

Spaulding Adaptive Sports programs began in Boston and on Cape Cod in 2001 and in the North Shore in 2010. Since then, programming has expanded in these regions to include a broad range of land- and water-based adaptive sporting activities, all delivered with careful attention to value of sports and fitness in the rehabilitation process. Spaulding now offers adaptive sports and recreation programs from Cape Ann to Cape Cod.

Whether it is wheelchair tennis, hand cycling, adaptive rowing, or windsurfing, those living with disabilities after illness or injury can rebuild their strength and sense of independence while they increase body awareness, build self-confidence, learn new life skills, and even make new friends.

Adaptive Sports

Children and adults can participate in Spaulding Adaptive Sports programs under the supervision of adaptive sports professionals as well as Spaulding therapists, providing the perfect environment to try a new sport or get back to one you have always loved.  Our trained staff will help identify activities most appropriate for each participant, based on his or her capabilities. 

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers:

  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston – The Dr. Charles H. Weingarten Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program is based on the main campus of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The program was founded in 2001 and was named in memory of the late Dr. Charles H. Weingarten, former Medical Director at Spaulding Boston. Land and water based adaptive sporting opportunities are offered year round.
  • Spaulding Hospital Cape Cod (Sandwich, MA) – The Spaulding Cape Cod Adaptive Sports program was founded in 2001 with a grant from the United States Golf Association (USGA) to develop an adaptive golf program now called “Back in the Swing.” In 2007, the programming was expanded to include land and water sports across Cape Cod. Land and water based adaptive sporting opportunities are offered year round.
  • Spaulding Hospital North Shore (Salem, MA) – Spaulding Adaptive Sports brought programming to the North Shore area in 2010. Land and water based adaptive sporting opportunities are offered year round.

Sports activities vary by the season and location and include:

  • Land sports: Cycling, golf, tennis, basketball, dance, rock wall climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, skating, sled hockey, Alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing, curling, therapeutic riding, and fitness programming
  • Water sports: Outrigger canoeing, kayaking, SUP, sailing, rowing, windsurfing, and water skiing 
  • Recreational Programs: Therapeutic drumming, stunt kite flying, and beach access.


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Spaulding therapy staff, along with adaptive sports professionals, encourage patients to explore a range of activities. This process is incorporated into the rehabilitation program, and continues once patients are discharged back to the community. Exposure to new leisure activities, as well as re-introduction to activities enjoyed prior to illness or injury, speeds the recovery process and demonstrates that living a full and enjoyable life is within reach.

Current and former patients, as well as individuals with living with disabilities in the community, are given opportunities to participate in a range of recreational activities. All activities are supervised by trained staff, taking into account individual needs and abilities. Equipment can be adapted as necessary and patients are encouraged to utilize newly developed skills and techniques acquired through rehabilitation.

Mary Patstone is the Spaulding Network's Director of Adaptive Sports and Recreation. In 2006, Mary joined the staff of Spaulding Cape Cod. During her tenure at Spaulding Cape Cod, she was instrumental in forming Spaulding’s vibrant adaptive sports and recreation programs serving Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. In 2011, Mary became Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Director of Adaptive Sports and Recreation. 



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